Brock "Love heightens all senses but common."

Brock is the former gym leader who left to pursue his dream and travel with Ash and Misty.

As the oldest member of the team, Brock is sort of like a big brother figure to Ash. Brock is strong yet good at things like caring for children and cooking. That's because he belongs to a big family and has lots of younger siblings. Brock likes his Pokemon very much and his favourite sort is the rock-type. His favourite Pokemon of all is Vulpix, given to him by a girl he respected a lot.

Brock's slightly cold exterior does have one major crack in its surface.... a weakness... in the form of pretty girls. ^_^. He's always especially eager to help out cute girls but he often stutters when talking to them. Or else he just gets a blush. Heh, the number of times Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny talk to Ash-tachi and he has red cheeks... ^_^.

However, Brock's pretty unlucky in love. No girls return his feelings, but he gets over it. (And falls in love with the next girl he sees.) Fickle.

Brock doesn't usually get into fights with Ash or Misty, he's usually the peacemaker between the two in fact.

Brock is kind of funny, I think. He has a dry sense of humour and comes out with some great lines. He can also be rather weird/edgy/obsessional, and he's a bit scary when he is.

Brock often encourages Ash in his goal but doesn't forget his own - to become a top Pokemon breeder. He once asked a famous Pokemon breeder if she would accept him as her student. But she declined, saying that she still had a lot to learn herself. She was the one who gave him Vulpix. He convinces himself this means she really loves him. ^_^.

Brock was the leader of Pewter Gym but left to travel with Ash and Misty. He couldn't leave Pewter City before because of his ten younger brothers and sisters who he had to take care of. But then Brock's father (who had left home to become a great Pokemon trainer) returned so Brock was free to go follow his dream.

While not an energetic and enthusiastic character like Ash and Misty, Brock's additions to the team are noticeable. He cooks most of their food, seems to know the most about Pokemon in general and is in some ways the most sensible and level headed.

He eventually leaves the group to follow his dream of being a Pokemon breeder, and stays on Valencia Island with a (female) professor who manages and takes care of every single Pokemon on that island. Ash and Misty didn't seem to care much that he was leaving, but he returns for season three.

In the game, Brock was the Pewter City Gym leader and he said that he believed in rock-hard defense, which was why he used Pokemon of the rock type.

The Pokemon that Brock has are:


Brock's voice sample - click here to hear what he sounds like. "You know Ash, you raised Butterfree to have a lot of courage. And I think you just proved you have a lot of courage too."

My thoughts on Brock: I realised Brock may well have more fans than Ash or Misty do, but perhaps I am just hanging out at Team Rocket forum too much. ^_^. (As you might expect, pro-Rockets are not always pro-Rocket-enemies, so they usually dislike Misty and Ash, while Brock is less 'annoying'.) I find his habit of going psycho over EVERY girl a bit tedious... the show uses repetition of some themes so often, it makes you sick of them after a while. (Other main example is Jigglypuff. Ugh!)

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